Saturday, May 11, 2013 sure has been a really looooong time.

 Okay so first things first...umm...I have a third child. Crazy to think that the last time I was on here he was in my tummy. I'll divulge into him and the lack of pictures a little later on.  So life truly has been a whirlwind of events and craziness for the past 2 yrs. I'll try my best to fill you in on all that has happened since my last post. 

Aiden Charles Crist is now turning 5 yrs old on June 19th. That's in one month!!! I can't believe my baby is that old already. He went to Miss Pam's preschool for a year and he loved every minute of it. We have taken this year off to rest and get ready for Kindergarten.  Let's see my Aiden is a really great helper with his sister and brother. I really don't know what i'd do without him. He LOVES Lance more than anything. I'm amazed at how smart he is. Before I know it he will be surpassing my knowledge. He loves all kids...he calls most of his friends that are boys his "dudes". I love it. He makes friends easily which is nice for putting my fears at ease. He is obsessed with his mommy :) He loves to play soccer. Baseball is a new found like now that he can hit a ball pretty far. He can accomplish anything he sets his mind to. He is a mommas boy but definitely idolizes his daddy. I feel bad that I have missed out on 2 yrs of great stuff I could have documented on my favorite first born. Love you Aiden. 

Lindsey Dawn Crist just turned 3yrs old on March 8th. What to say about Lindsey. She is hilarious. She keeps me on my toes....and will be the death of She has the cutest little raspy voice. She is spunky yet very shy when it comes to people she doesn't know. She is stubborn beyond belief. She is truly my beauty.  She is a girl after my own heart...I don't know what I'd do without her. She drives me the craziest but I can't help but laugh at her silliness and her unconditional love for me. She surprises me everyday with something that she says and I didn't even know she knew. She is attending Joy school once a week and is sad it will be ending soon. She LOVES preschool, nursery and anything to do with learning. I love that she loves learning so much. This fall she gets to attend preschool she potty trained so she can go. She love love loves to sing and dance and tell stories. Her stories are hilarious and intense all in a nutshell. I hope you get the privilege of hearing one someday. Love you pretty girl!

 Lance Michael Crist born January 12, 2012. He is 16 month now...boy time sure does fly. He wanted to come early a few times but we managed to get him to one day shy of 37 weeks. Boy was his pregnancy a hard one. I was measuring 41 weeks at 36 weeks. He was born at 8 lbs 6 oz and spent his first days in the NICU do to low blood sugars. I was so sad I didn't get to see him for atleast 3 hrs after he was born. I remember when he was born and seeing him before they took him away thinking...he sure looks like one of my babies. Swollen with dark black hair. For some reason I feel the closest to him as a baby. He is calm, cool and collected most of the time. Pretty easy going. He has red-ish hair. I love it. I hope it stays. He will be my last baby and now I know why the babies of the family are spoiled...cause I'll definitely be spoiling him. He is our calm amongst the storm of life. His favorite word is MOM and he will say it all day long. He didn't start crawling until 10 mo and then didn't walk until 14 and a half months. But once he started walking he has been a pro. He loves shoes and his "bantie"...blanky.  Now he loves his daddy and has known who is daddy was since the womb. Every time Rog would touch my belly Lance would kick it...every time. He basically is his daddy's keeper. I feel as though they were the best of friends in Heaven. I love him more than words can say. Thanks for being you baby boy!

 These are our family pictures from this fall. Sadly the only pics we have of us that can be found at the moment. 
 Me and my boys!
 The men in my life :) Handsome!

 My world, my craziness,my beauties.
 The Crist Family of 5!
Now for the whirlwind we call life for these two love birds. We have succeeded...we are still in love and Rog has basically finished a MBA. GO US. This has been the longest 2 yrs of my life. Rog started his MBA program in the fall of 2011 and will be ending here on June 14th. Sooo excited. Since he entered this program we have....gotten prego and had baby #3, changed jobs shortly thereafter to a more demanding yet satisfying job. Mr. Director of Finance. We have moved from our Orem condo to a house in Provo. Just renting but it is a house. We went from being 2 min from Rog's mom to 2 min from my mom. Lucky. The summer we moved in we were sick most of it with RSV and one bug after another so it has taken us longer to acclimate to our new ward. I had surgery to tie my tubes do to the high risk of my pregnancies combined with my age we felt that was the right step for us to take for my safety and our family. April 7th we celebrated our 6 yr Anniversay...Yay! Shortly after Rog graduated from his MBA program but has one last class to finish. He can do it!  All in all life has been good to us!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween Extravaganza...MONTH!!!!

It all started with a Halloween carnival up at Grandpa and Grandma Rudds in West Jordan. 
We had so much fun, we got to play on bounce slides and houses, play little games to win prizes, and climb a rock wall.  The kids had so much fun they went crazy with excitement because there was so much to do.  Thanks grandma and grandpa for so much fun.

Lindsey wouldn't go in the bounce house by herself, she was so nervous.

Aiden was so proud of himself for doing this, he couldn't wait to go home and tell daddy about it. (Daddy couldn't come cause he was home sick.)

After all that fun we still got to go back to grandpa and grandma Rudds to carve and paint pumpkins.
Lindseys is a frankenstein and Aidens is a kitty cat.  They did such a good job.   Mommy got to carve hers and stayed simple in the design this year! :)

Third pregnancy...26 weeks!

Now Halloween cookie decorating at Grandma and Grandpa Drapers!
Lindsey had fun eating her candy and icing more than decorating her lil kitty cat.  Aiden suprisingly finished his without eating it! :)  I think they did a really great job at decorating.  LOve these lil cuties!

Costume day at Preschool!
Aiden could not wait to wear his cowboy costume to school to show all his friends.  Especially to show him is gun and holster.  Such a silly boy.  Here he is posing while they went on a trick or treating parade around the coldesac. Love how happy he is!!!

Here is his preschool class...minus a few kids all dressed up!

Happy's finally here!

I just love how cute my lil cowboy and cowgirl are.  They still wear their boots everywhere we fun!

We had a little pizza party with some friends before we headed out for some good ole trick or treating.  Lindsey, Ender Bishop, Evie Bishop, Aiden, Carter Bishop and Jack Christensen as a lil tiger on the ground.  Not pictured: Patrick McCauley, Abby and Callie Hunsaker.  So cute, thanks friends for celebrating with us. :)

General Relief Society Meeting...


Here are the gal pals....Emily Anderson, Christine Alexander and DeAnna Christensen. Below are Jessica Wells and myself...CHeeseRs for sure!

We couldn't decide on just one dessert so....we chose 4.  Definitely a girls night out special. So glad we got a variety they were all DEliciouS!!!!!

This one is mine???

Friday, September 9, 2011

School Days are here!

September 1, 2011
First day of Preschool
The time had finally come and boy were we excited. We have been waiting for school to start since February when we registered. The deal was that he had to be potty trianed to go. Didn't have to tell Aiden twice. He potty trained himself within a week. Go Aiden!
I told Aiden to pose for a picture and this is what he gave me, random yet GQ? lol
Lindsey had to get in on the action...she sure looks super cute! :)
My handsome boy! Aiden good luck this year in school. Learn lots and have so much fun. I hope you make friends and enjoy time for just you! :)
September 9, 2011
First day of Utah Valley University MBA Program
Good luck on your 2 yr adventure! We know you will do great and hope you have fun while you are there. We are glad you have your friend Jeremiah Makin to experience this with you. Love you Daddy!

Fun @ Grandma Drapers!

Lindsey had so much fun for her first time painting. She not only painted her bird but...
she painted the table...notice the chair behind her...and anyone who would walk by. Then she would laugh and laugh. Made me laugh so hard, she was enjoying her self entirely too much! lol
Hi Mommy....Look at me, i'm painting! :)
And then there is Aiden who gets way serious when he paints. He is also very thorough and particular in how he accomplishes is project. Love him!
Grandmas doggy Kismet had 8 puppies in August. At first Lindsey wasn't so sure about them but has grown to love them pretty fast.
Now Aiden loved them from the moment he saw them. He has named the runt of the litter Elliot. And every time we go to Grandmas he finds Elliot and doesn't put him down. He is going to be so heart broken when Elliot has to go to a new home. I knew Aiden would love the puppies especially...because his first word was "doggy...oof oof"!
Thanks Grandma Draper for all the good times at your house and for sharing your puppies with us! We Love You!

Running Time!

5K for Gracie...Aug. 13, 2011!
Me and my gang...Christine Alexander, DeAnna Christensen, Emily Anderson and myself!
Thanks ladies for supporting me in my 2nd glad I was able to do it with ya. Here I am 4 mo pregnant and I even beat my first 5K time. 32 min 30 sec! aaaahhh yeah!
My goal for next year to get all my baby weight off is to run a 10K...yes you read right...I'm excited! :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Aiden is now a Taekwondo master!
Here is Aiden at his first class. He got the fancy new uniform that he gets to keep. The teacher started out with the to follow directions, bow before entering the mat, and saying "yes ma'm" to everything she says or asks!
This is them slapping their arms to their sides and then going to bow as they say "yes ma'm"!
Sooo cute!
This part made me teary eyed and almost cry. Here Aiden is getting his belt officially tied on by his teacher. I just felt so proud...he looked so big to me. I can't believe my baby is 3 yrs old!
They had to stand on these yellow pieces of tape to await directions. Aiden was a little confused at times about what he was suppose to do...but caught on eventually. He was the youngest of them all by atleast 6mo! So his favorite part of the whole class was when he learned to kick and punch! Figures! lol
We had fun and again thank grandma Crist for signing us up for the class.